West Midlands Area Directory, now also incorporating the Northumbria Directory

Welcome to the new Area Directory and Signposting Service for the West Midlands Region (ADASS WM) – introducing the key economic, administrative, cultural and sporting organisations and institutions in Birmingham, Coventry and the West Midlands Region.

Aside from the West Midlands region, this site has also welcomed aboard many listings from the Northumbria Directory which featured local and national company contact telephone numbers especially useful to people and businesses in the Newcastle & Northumbria areas of the UK.

Useful Links

Featured inside: Our Contact Details for Newcastle Airport – the airport is among the few extremely popular organisations in the Northumbria region that huge swaths of busy people are looking to phone.

A social network vital to people in the West Midlands and beyond, our Facebook Contact Details let you get in touch with this tech giant.

Crucial for renters all around the Northumbria and the West Midlands, these Phone Numbers for Housing Benefit will let you see your entitlements.

If you want to book a coach journey to or from the West Midlands, just use our Contact Numbers for National Express and you’ll have a ticket in no time.

Most people in Northumbria and the West Midlands love animals – those wishing to donate or otherwise support charity for creatures will appreciate our RSPCA Contact Numbers.